Website Development

Geosinte has developed an international portfolio of diverse online projects, from real estate to personal sites.


Photography / Video

No online presence is complete without great photography and video.


Location Apps

Our Team's skill set includes the development of mobile apps based on location services. Now available in phones worldwide


Fresh Data Network

Mobile app that connects local and organic food producers while calculating every user's carbon footprint.

Real estate video

As of 2016, 50% of all web searches are done via video services. Here's how to reach these customers.

Real Estate Photography

In situ architectural and land photography.


Real estate website with a twist. Discover the laid-back Belizean lifestyle.

The Places I Love

A mobile travel app that gives every user a 100% personalised experience when traveling.

Geographical solutions

Creation of spacial imagery and geographical data visualization with GIS (Geographic Information System)

Ricardo Martinez, Founder

Whether it's a small family business or an international start-up, our team is ready to take your digital projects to the next level! Get in touch today!.

- Ricardo Martinez, Owner
WowBelize is a real estate and relocation website, based in Placencia, Belize and managed by Chris Appelbe Century 21 Belize Molengeek is a business incubator and coding school in the heart of Molenbeek, Belgium Comision Federal de Electricidad
Politica en Pelotas Latitud20 Architecture Bio Quimica Mente Natural Mr Goodtower de Mexico
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Video Sample

Video marketing for mobile app located in Brussels, Belgium


  • The Fresh Data app is out, Download Here and make the world a better place!
  • Fresh Data is a mobile app that lets you know where your organic food comes from, eating local is the best way to create sustainable food systems.